Cleaning & Mentainence

High Gloss Surface Cleaner & Anti-static Spray


Specifically designed to clean, protect and maintain plastic surfaces that are used in many modern high gloss finishes. VuPlex was designed for use within the demanding Aviation industry for the maintenance of expensive aircraft windows and delivers a fast, safe and effective solution to plastic maintenance. Most normal cleaning products can damage plastic, reducing it’s lifespan considerably but not VuPlex…
* It cleans using safe ingredients that won’t damage delicate high gloss surfaces. VuPlex  cleans a broad range of common household stains.
* Static that is build up in the high gloss surface and attracts other abrasive materials such as dust, is controlled by VuPlex anti-static properties.
* Some high gloss materials when new (acrylic co-polymers) are very soft when masking material in removed. VuPlex accelerates the hardening process protecting the surface from the outset.
* Together with increased surface hardness. VuPlex also produces vastly improved scratch resistance by depositing a protective polymer film on the surface.
* VuPlex  has the ability to fill fine micro surface giving a greater luster on older acrylic materials.
* Finally, water and other contaminates are repelled from the surface which is particularly important for stone and composite materials.


After removing the protective PE film, the acrylic surface is still sensitive and:
a) Solvents from the adhesive coating of the protective film, which are located in the surface, are escaping.
b) The acrylic surface is hygroscopic and only hardens on exposure further. Curing takes about 1 week. To speed up the process, you should wet the surface with water or clean them with “VuPlex- Plastic Cleaner & Anti Static Spray” available with us.


Cleaning Ornare is simple. Simply clean the surface with a 1% soap/water solution then let dry. Ornare recommends to use VuPlex.


No abrasive cleaning products should be used to compromise the brilliance of the surface. Also do not use any cleaning agents containing alcohol (which is often found in glass cleaners). Damage caused by improper cleaning will not be accepted as manufacturers fault.